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If gambling is affecting your life and you are thinking about change, you’ve already taken the first step. This guide will help you understand gambling, figure out if you need to change, and decide how to deal with the actual process of change. If you’re at all concerned about your gambling, this guide is for you.

Should you decide to change, this guide can help you begin your journey. You can use this guide in the way you feel most comfortable. The guide will keep track of your answers and allow you to print your results whenever you wish. No records will be kept without your permission and your identity will remain anonymous at all times. However, if you do close or refresh the browser, your answers will be erased. So it will be in your best interest to allocate approximately 20 minutes for completion. Again, your participation will remain anonymous and no information of any kind will be collected from the web site without your permission

Clicking on the "Let's Get Started..." button below will take you to the fist page of the guide. At the bottom of each subsequent page you will see navigation buttons (next and previous) that will help you move through the site. The button called "My First Step to Change" will open a pop-up window that summarizes your answers to the questions presented. You may click on this button at any time, or at the end of the questions. Again, you will be able to print this summary if you'd like.

If you prefer a print version of this toolkit, which can be downloaded and printed, click here.

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